2 Lion-Hearted Groomers ... Leigh & Eileen's Journey

By Donna Smith, C.A.H., Virginia Woodmancy, C.A.H., & Michael P. Doto, M. S. W.


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Embark on an emotional journey with Eileen and Leigh as they reflect on their turbulent personal lives, professional challenges', and the discovery of their individual strengths. Through their twenty-year friendship and professional pet grooming experiences, they take us into their dark, hidden world where they confront their past, and fight to heal their scars through emotional healing and forgiveness. Ride along with them as they reveal true-life accounts of the relationships between their clients and their pets that are often times joyous, funny, and sometimes bittersweet.



   Leigh had just retired from her career as a mobile pet groomer and moved to Arkansas to be with her family. As she is unpacking, she discovers her old journal. Out of curiosity, she begins reading it and is taken back to a time of her impoverished upbringing, her tumultuous marriage and her struggle for a normal life.

   Efforts to deny her persistant sadness and loneliness since her move are short lived, even in the company of others. Leigh's only real comfort has been in her good friend Eileen who lives in California and the career she left behind. Both women plan to meet with each other later in the Spring.

   As their visit draws nearer, they independently reflect on their own personal memories that helped shape their lives and begin writing about them. Over the next few months, they decide to collaborate and combine their stories while at the same time finding emotional healing along the way. 

   But not all is not well with either woman, as Leigh must face an uncertain future and Eileen's old adversary, Diamond Head seethes to life.  Eileen must draw on her wits and devises a clever plan to separate herself of Diamond Head's influence once and for all.

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   2 Lion-Hearted Groomers  will take you into the realm of professional pet grooming that is seldom witnessed by those in mainstream. For sensitive readers, please be aware there are some situations in the story where the characters encounter extreme animal neglect. However, it should be noted that it's the commendable effort and dedication of these two characters, who are compelled to intervene and help provide comfort and hope for some of these unfortunate animals they are privileged to serve.

    We hope their intriguing story will captivate, inspire, and amuse you along the way as Leigh and Eileen takes you on their path of life and their journey of self-discovery that ends with a surprising twist of fate.


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                                                                  Donna, Jenny and Michael